Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Could It Possibly Be!?

Our little bundle of joy made its first appearance on Thursay. It was squirming and rolling all over the place. Why hasn't anyone told me how freakin' fabulous an ultrasound is? I want one done every single day until this baby is born so I can see it.

Tyler was the best that day. I couldn't see the screen at first, so I was just watching Tyler. He sat there wide eyed with the biggest smile on his face. I loved it. He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be the best dad. I know it.

We asked for the gender of the baby, and if the clinic doesn't call me tomorrow, I'm calling them to see what it is. I thought for sure it was going to be a boy. I was having dreams about a little baby boy and everything, BUT THEN the tech told us he was only 90 percent sure of the gender. How can you be 90 percent sure of a gender if it's a boy, right? When you see something down there, you see it. I feel like only a girl can by a 90 percent sure thing.

Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow because the anticipation is killing me! I'm also not going to tell anyone what it is until Christmas. Merry Christmas? But I need some gender reveal ideas I can do for my family. Any ideas? All I can think about involves food, and I think on Christmas we'll have so much food around I'm not going to want to bring in some more food. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here I am at 20 weeks. Halfway done for real this time. I can feel it kick every day now, and I felt it four times with my hand! I just can never get Tyler to catch it in time. I just want it to come right now. I'm so in love with it already. My heart melts every time I think about holding it.

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