Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Tah

Sonia lives a million miles away, and I never get to see her.

I was <-----------------------------------------------> this times a billion excited to see her last weekend. It was just a spur of the moment short trip, but definitely worth it. We drove down Thursday and came back Sunday, and that was way too much driving in that short of a time. I think I slept the whole way back basically.

We got to go to a BYU game! That was pretty cool. Literally. We froze our butts off. I could see my breath and my toes were numb, so we left at half time. Too bad because I was really into the game? I love football? (ha ha) I do love taking pictures of myself, though!

Also, has anyone eaten at Taconos? DELICIOUS. It's all you can eat and just so freakin fabulous. I would definitely go there every day if I could probably and not even care that I was getting fat because it's that good.

So Utah was a pretty good time, and as part of that Tyler got a ticket! Of course. Every single time we drive down there I think. It's inevitable.

And as a side note, I'm four months pregnant! 16 weeks. Almost halfway done. Crazy. This is what I look like. I also think I was sticking out a little, but we won't tell anyone that. I just want to look pregnant! No more of this in between stuff.

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