Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Warning:  This post is FULL of videos and pictures and adoration of Hazel.  My obsession with this little girl gets stronger every day.

Okay....Stop it, Hazel.  
I can't make that picture any bigger or else it goes off the page. BUT click on it, and you'll get the full effect. She's not so much a baby anymore, and that kind of makes me sad.   Please stay a baby for a little bit longer, Baby Girl.  Your momma would appreciate that.

Video No. 1
I realize that most babies Hazel's age have been laughing for a long time and that maybe it isn't such a big deal anymore.  It just so happens that she's the most serious baby ever, though. (I wonder where she got that from). She's maybe laughed four times in her life.   Naturally, I feel obligated to share her laughter with the world.  It's so rare that you just might get a video every single time she laughs.

Ps. Ignore my baby talk, as attractive as it is.  And sorry if you get dizzy watching it. I'm awesome at multi-tasking.

Video No. 2
This made me laugh my face off.  I don't know what she was doing.  She's just a hoot.

That was probably sideways.  They're all probably going to be sideway.  I don't feel like flipping them.

Let's take a little break from the videos and look at her cute bum.  Poor little Hazel has no privacy.

Video No. 3
She wants to move SO bad.  I'm sure as soon as I post this, she'll be crawling for real.  She's so so close.  She gets so frustrated that she can't move.

No, she never has clothes on.  She's either naked or has a undershirt on.  She drools all over everything and gets soaking wet. It's really pointless to dress her.

Video No. 4
Are you sick of videos yet?  Fine, just one more.  Her new trick.  She's such a smarty pants.

Sonia, I know how much Ken loves watching videos of Hazel with you, so these are just for him!  If he's not as obsessed as we are, we will make him be. ha ha ha....