Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Tears are literally falling down my face right now. Ok, not literally, but this picture is making me freak out.  Hazel is a giant! A very cute giant, but a giant nonetheless.  Poor little Hazel had no chance of not being a little chubs with me and Tyler as her parents.  We all love our food! After this weekend with Travis and Steph's wedding and then July first, we all felt a little bit like baby girl.

Speaking of chubs, Hazel and I had a little bit of a traumatic day last weekend.   Hazel got this little shirt stuck on her.

When I say stuck, I actually mean stuck.  She was screaming, I was crying, and I finally had to cut it off of her. The rest of the day there was no way she would let me put any clothes on her, and she wouldn't let me put her down at all.  She was seriously traumatized.  Papa John and Grandma Seaborn got her the adorable little Moroccan top, and it's honestly probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I'm sad it doesn't fit her anymore :(

We had such a busy week with Brady's graduation, Travis and Steph's wedding, and July first.  I drug her around everywhere I went, and she was such a good baby!  I'm so lucky.  She stole the show wherever she went.  Everyone loves her.  I don't blame them.

I love my family!

Canada Day

Is everyone dying at how big she's getting? Look at the strong neck of hers!  I just die a little bit every day.  She's growing wwwaaayyy too fast.

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